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Have you ever sat down to do your makeup for an event and just don't know where to begin? Maybe your makeup has stayed the same but you've aged? Let me give you all of my secrets to creating simple makeup looks to help you feel beautiful and confident!

1:1 Lesson

One on One lessons are perfect for anyone looking to update their makeup routine. Together we will discuss your needs and work on your technique and application with makeup you already have in your collection. Feel free to take notes, you're about to level up big time!


Group Sessions

Small Group Sessions are the perfect addition to your weekly girls' night or brunch. Grab your friends and together you will learn a makeup look of your choosing. I'll give you all my tips and tricks and teach you how to use what's already in your makeup collection to achieve your look of choice. 

Small Group: 2 - 4 people

Large Group: 5 - 10 people


Professional Artist 1:1 Lesson

Are you a makeup artist looking to hone your skills? Maybe you're looking to become a working MUA. No matter what the reason, this One on One lesson will help you feel more confident when working with clients. Bring your kit, I'm about to share all my secrets with you.


Makeup Shopping

Need to update your makeup collection? Whether you have been wearing makeup for years or you're just starting to experiment, let me guide you on the best products for YOU. Together we will discuss your needs and I'll make sure that you're set up for success.

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